Extensive macro based APIs are provided to extract a variety of parameters thus relieving the application developer from the task of understanding the OBD protocol.It supports multi frame message sending and receiving as per ISO15765-2 network layer specifications

DTS-OBD Stack Features and Specifications

  • Extensive Macro based APIs available for Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3 and Mode 9
  • Users can access other modes also including extended modes without reply decoding support
  • Multi frame transmit and receive support as per the ISO15765-2 OBD network layer standard
  • Adheres to the timing specifications given in the standards
  • Single threaded implementation, easily portable to any RTOS
  • Comes with CAN drivers for 8 bit and 32 bit PIC processors
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DTS-OBD stack Brochure
DTS-OBD stack User Manual