J1939ECUSim is a PC application which uses our CANMate device and CANMate API to implement J1939 compliant ECU simulation.

This can be used to test devices like J1939 port readers without the need to connect to a vehicle. Using our J1939 ECU Simulator along with the CANMate device can save 100s of dollars compared to stand alone hardware simulators which serve just the same purpose.The J1939 simulator is a valuable tool for the development and testing of diagnostic programs and hardware. This simulator has 5 user-adjustable PGNs. The DTC button can be used to generate trouble codes.some of SAE J1939 compliant DMs are implemented. Physical connection is made through a standard SAE J1962 connector.

Variable PGN's
This J1939 Simulator has 5 user-adjustable PGNs which can be controlled using the GUI's slider.
  • Speed
  • RPM
  • APP
  • Fuel Level
  • Engine Coolant Temperature(ECT)
The J1939 Simulator also broadcasts 5 fixed value PGN's
  • Baro
  • Ambient Air Temp
  • MAP
  • IMAN Temp
  • Batt Volt
DTC Support
The DTC button can be used to generate trouble codes.some of SAE J1939 compliant DMs are implemented.Clear DTC is also implemented in the Simulator.
Message Logging
Incoming and outgoing J1939 messages can be logged for later review. This is a handy feature for debugging J1939 related products and applications. Please note that stand alone simulators don’t have this feature even though they are much more costly.
Special cabling and power supply requirements
OBD readers require 12V to be provided. We supply a custom cable having OBD female connector at one end and 9 PIN Dsub connector at the other end and tap for providing 12V supply. You can order this cable and 12V adaptor separately. Alternately you can make this cable yourself as per the downloadable instructions.
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J1939 ECU Simulator User Manual