DTS TESTMate Features

  • Development and production testing of small controllers
  • Bike ECUs
  • Lawn mover ECUs.
  • Configurable and extendable design
  • Separate Controller and I/O cards
  • Configurable PC software

DTS TESTMate Specifications

  • 32 Bit ARM cortex M3 processor
  • 32 MB flash for storing test data
  • 22 I/O lines
  • Can be configured as Digital IN, Digital OUT or Analog IN
  • Full speed USB connection for PC communication
  • Vehicle communication interfaces like CAN,Kline,LIN,KWP
  • 12V Operation.

DTS TESTMate Applications

  • Pass/Fail notification for each test
  • Detailed logs for each test
  • Manual mode to step through each test case
  • Barcode printing support
  • Operator, Supervisor and Engineer privileges
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