Calling Beta Testers/Automotive Enthusiasts!

Calling all beta testers to test our app- ZeroSixty, which is in Beta stage now.  We’ll be following the Beta testing process of Google Play Store.


A few words about ZeroSixty:

ZeroSixty is an Android app which measures the time taken by a vehicle to attain 60 KMPH from halt. It also has a 0-100 test. The users need to connect an OBD Dongle and pair it with their phone/tablet to use this application. Once you’ve paired it , then the rest is basically simple. The app will automatically measure the time taken for the preferred test.

It is not advisable for the driver to use this app while he/she is driving. It is always advisable for the driver to hand the device with the app to a co-driver.

Please also understand that we, at Deep Thought Systems will not be responsible for any incident, which violates the laws of  your region. It is your responsibility to follow the rules,  drive safe and sound.

Steps to become tester

Please note that the app is still under development. You can also email your issues/queries to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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