Monitoring Vehicle Parameters via Android Accessory Application

As a part of R&D work, I had got an opportunity to monitor certain vehicle parameters via android accessory application. To enabling communication between USB hardware and Android device, I had implemented Android Open Accessory protocol(AOA) in LPC1768 development board. Before explaining about the work, lets check what is AOA? The AOA is a USB […]


In this blog I would like to discuss the firmware aspects of industry standard multi-protocol chip ELM327 or a compatible IC (like STN1110) for implementing an OBD scanner. First the article briefly discusses about the OBD as such and then dives deep into the implementation of firmware using ELM327 IC. As you can see ELM327 […]

ECU Reflashing

ECU Reflashing is something quite popular among auto enthusiasts. They do it primarily to enhance the power of the vehicle or to improve the fuel efficiency. Repair shops re-flash the ECU to restore faulty ECUs or to upgrade the firmware from a new version supplied by the manufacturer may be to correct some observed issues. […]

Calling Beta Testers/Automotive Enthusiasts!

Calling all beta testers to test our app- ZeroSixty, which is in Beta stage now.  We’ll be following the Beta testing process of Google Play Store. A few words about ZeroSixty: ZeroSixty is an Android app which measures the time taken by a vehicle to attain 60 KMPH from halt. It also has a 0-100 […]

Interfacing USBasp Programmer with ATMEL Studio

After the successful operation of USBasp with GNU/Linux and Windows with the help of avrdude, we planned to try out a new experiment ‘How to interface USBasp with ATMEL Studio?‘. Download and install ATMEL Studio; we tried this on Atmelstudio 6.1. Install the driver packages for USBasp (the previous post explains how to accomplish that, […]

AVR Programming with USBasp

The latest asignment I got from my company is to do some R&D and find a low cost programmer for AVR. The idea is to find a low cost alternative for AVR MKII programmer. One of our clients needs a simple method with which he can upload the hex file without any effort. The client […]


Story of CANMate – First Product from Team DThoughts!

As with most other products, CANMate was also born out of a need! I had the opportunity to work with different CAN Analyzer products from early 2000s and one thing I noticed was the high costs of most of these devices. So in the last company where I was having an employee status, I muted […]


Formation of Deep Thought Systems (P) Ltd

Ok, you may or may not be knowing that I started my entrepreneurial journey a couple of months back. In this blog, I will try to describe the steps I went through to get my company, “Deep Thought Systems (P) Ltd.” registered.  The first thing was to decide to start a business, particularly embedded system product development ( the only […]


OBD FAQ What is OBD? OBD stands for On Board Diagnostics, a set of protocols to get information about the engine parameters and information regarding engine malfunction. Initial version was OBD-1 which was later revised to OBD-2. What are OBD protocols ? OBD protocol is a layered protocol conforming to OSI model of network layers. […]